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A Travesty of a Government - Institutionalized Corruption and Perversion

National Human Rights Commission joke no : 161/10/2006-2007/OC

I'm a 44 year old Indian citizen currently residing in Bangalore, India. In 1986 I went to the US to pursue graduate studies, then stayed on to work. I filed a civil lawsuit against TRW Inc. in 1995 alleging racist harassment by a group of sadistic voyeurs who were watching me in my apartment, videotaping me in my bathroom etc., with the active support of a few TRW employees including managers. At the time I was working for TRW Financial Systems, Oakland, California as an embedded software engineer, working on their document scanning systems.

Since then I have been stalked by these degenerates - even after I left the US in 1997 to return to India. The harassment is now physical as well - these sadists have been using RF and microwave transmitters to torture me in my own apartment, as well as taking every opportunity to drug/poison me. Aside from the pornographic voyeurism, they take immense pleasure in videotaping and broadcasting my reaction to the radiation torture and poisoning. Some of these degenerates are apparently carrying official government authorization letters, claiming, for example, that they are involved in an "army operation" and that they have "government permission"!

There are Bangalore police officers constantly escorting these perverts. One, an Inspector of Police Nagaraja?, formerly of Indiranagar station in Bangalore, whom I had approached with a complaint some years ago while I was living in Indiranagar. They are personally overseeing the peep show, torture and poisoning, threatening anyone who interferes with police retribution.

The Bangalore police are operating as a protection mafia, not an organization I can even think of approaching for justice.

Some NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health …) Bangalore psychiatrists are also on these perverts payroll, accompanying them on trips, and keeping vigil outside my apartment along with the perverted police officers – again threatening witnesses and actively participating in the demented nautanki – encouraging the view that ‘nothing can be done’, it is ‘out of our hands’ etc.

Its hard to condense my experience over the past decade in this summary. I have been maintaining an log of daily events for the past few years, as well as an archive of the reports I have submitted to various government authorities including the Bangalore police, the state Lokayukta, the Bangalore Commissioner of Police, the chief justice of the supreme court, the President of India, and the National Human Rights Commission. The archive also contains scans of the letters I have received in response.

Log updates are at the top of this page. The log archives include snapshots and videos of some of the perverts that have been stalking me.

I did receive a prompt acknowledgement from President Kalam's office that my report had been forwarded to the Ministry of External Affairs for action – a scan of the letter is in the log archive. In contrast to this, I did not even receive the ‘acknowledgement due’ postcard when I simultaneously sent my report to the LokAyukta ! The NHRC has simply forwarded my report back to the Bangalore police.

My situation has been steadily deteriorating through the years, worsening after I approached the government authorities. This collection of perverted and corrupt government officers keeps vigil outside my apartment, even as I have been screaming and shouting in response to the radiation torture on a daily basis for the past few years.

These degenerates stage daily nautanki shows on the street outside my flat, or on the staircase landings below me in my apartment complex. Scripted rantings where they taunt people passing by "you're all afraid of a little American ?", or hysterically sob and shout about their "uncle/father/mother/brother/etc" who was just arrested, and the "10-year sentence" they are facing. All of this to draw attention to themselves while the radiation targeting me is increased.

Their main goal appears to be to prevent any potential witnesses from approaching me, often ordering people not to contact me. This is repeatedly reinforced on a daily basis to habituate the neighbourhood to this novel concept of justice. The enforcer for this policy is Inspector Ashwathanarayana of Byappanahalli police station, complete with bizarre threatening comments on the lines of "Brahmin kaare ke thotam pono?"

I am being targeted with the radiation from both of the flats adjacent to mine – one on my floor, and the other below me. The flat below mine is occupied by several members of an extended family. Originally a couple Ashok and Bindu Menon and their two daughters, and an elderly woman, likely Ashok Menons mother. As events have progressed through the years, the couple Ashok and Bindu Menon disappeared – first Ashok Menon, then a few months later, Bindu Menon. After them, it has been a parade of deviants playing musical chairs – Bindu Menons sister, then ‘close friends of the family’, then Ashok Menons brother and his family, none of them apparently with a job. As you read my log archive, you will get some sense of this self proclaimed ‘respectable bankers family’ – training their older daughter Meghana to perform filmed sex acts, training her to become the prominent sadist and sex deviant in their household, allowing her to participate in sex acts with the foreign degenerates, and having sex with her themselves – the disappearance of Ashok Menon, and subsequently Bindu Menon from the flat being attributed to this. This family of sex degenerates have often loudly claimed ‘official government’ sanction for their acts, and the government officers visiting them encourage this view, claiming that there are ‘court orders’ barring them from taking action against the family. I have heard their now teenage girl and spokesperson for the family Meghana Menon claim several times “you can do nothing to us!”.

The perverts really seem to believe that the use of a minor girl to commit crimes ensures that no one is culpable and no action can be taken!

The fellow in the flat adjacent to mine on my floor is a bachelor, Monish Das. This wretched degenerate appears to have some sort of homosexual voyeurism and sadism fascination with me. He is constantly in his flat – no job as well. He appears to have influential government officer relatives – the other degenerates crowing about his ‘auntie’ who would ‘fix’ me.

One of the foreign perverts carrying a 'letter of authorization' himself loudly and frequently has claimed to be a male prostitute who was recruited from a San Francisco gay bar.

This porno-sadism show has been going on for years now...radiation torture, the broadcasted peep show, and drugging and poisoning every opportunity they can get. And I live adjacent to the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and the Indian Air Force (ASTE Vishwa Vihar) campuses in Bangalore !

I have been updating the National Human Rights Commission regarding my case (ref : 161/10/2006-2007/OC) by email for the past two years with my log archives. As of June 2008, I have yet to receive even an acknowledgement that my complaint is genuine...

As of February 2009, all I have received is a letter from the NHRC stating that my complaints have been forwarded to the Ministry of Defence, and to the Bangalore Police Commissioner, for their resolution.

Perverted psychopaths who should be hanging from the gallows are travelling around the world in style, alternately claiming to work for the government of India, the CIA, the US Secret Service etc. Corrupt, traitorous, sex deviant Indian government officers, who should be dismissed from service and spend the next decade of their sadistic parasite lives breaking stones in prison, are swaggering on the streets, hitching a ride on the tailcoats of these psychopaths, travelling of course in "business class".

What am I looking for in a government response ? Lets start with a credible response to my complaints to government authorities since 2002.

A written response
1. acknowledging the presence of these foreign homosexual sex deviants in India since 1998
2. acknowledging whether they are carrying authentic or forged letters of authorization from US government and/or Indian government officials
3. acknowledging the use of radiation exposure torture equipment over the past decade
4. acknowledging the police escort of Nagaraja and “Kumaresan” provided to these sex degenerates for monetary and sex deviant "benefits"
4. acknowledging the opportunistic poisoning and drugging
5. acknowledging that my flat has been custom built to facilitate 24 hour voyeur pornography, radiation sadism and poisoning
6. acknowledging the opportunistic voyeur pornography of not just myself but anyone "interesting" within the vicinity at the time
7. acknowledging the pedophile acts that are continuing to be committed by these degenerates as I write this
8. acknowledging that Indian "public servants" have been committing these crimes against an Indian citizen on the behest of foreigners, in the name of the Republic of India, an “independent nation” since 1947.

Lets START from there. Thats after all what I am aware of and I am aware this is the tip of the iceberg. Any investigation should then uncover what other crimes these degenerates have committed against me, my family, acquaintances and other Indian citizens. Isn’t this what a responsible and supposedly civilized government of a "South Asia Superpower" is supposed to do in return for the taxes paid to it by the citizens ?

Hari Nair
142 Shine On Apartments, Blk 1
175 Rahath Bagh
Nagavarapalya Main Road
Bangalore 560093

To facilitate any investigation, here are some of the addresses I have lived at while in the US after filing the civil lawsuit, before returning to India in 1997.

3180 Oak Road Apt 319 Walnut Creek CA 94596

39034 Guardino Drive, Apt 304 Fremont CA 94538

1071 Morningside Drive Sunnyvale, California 94087

943 Boulevard Apt C New Milford NJ 07646